CiCLO Technology & Uwila Warrior
CiCLO Biodegrades Polyester and Nylon in a Few Years
Sudeep Motupalli Rao
Eco-tip: Local farmer’s concern addressed by local inventor
McDonald’s invests in sustainable team uniforms made with technology that makes synthetic fibers biodegradable
Heimtextil 2024
Sensitive options at Heimtextil 2024
Champion Eco Future Reverse Weave with CiCLO® technology
Champion® Athleticwear Unveils New Reverse Weave Iconic Styles with CiCLO® Technology to Reduce Microplastic Pollution
Champion - Eco Future Reverse Weave with CiCLO® Technology
Champion Reveals New Eco Future Collection
Blue Ridge x CiCLO Technology
Blue Ridge takes aim at microplastic pollution
What’s Now And Next In Sustainable Textiles?
CiCLO Technnology
Textile Additive Expedites Breakdown of Stubborn, Synthetic Fibers
CiCLO Technology - Scrubs
How These Medical Scrubs Fight Microplastic Pollution
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