Same quality product, improved environmental impact

It’s undisputed that consumers purchase based on style, function, comfort and price. Yet, the world is also more aware than ever before of the environmental impacts caused by textiles and the demand for eco-conscious products is growing.

When consumers purchase a product with a CiCLO® technology hangtag, they can feel confident that they are playing a part in the microfiber pollution solution. Products made with CiCLO® technology are indiscernible from the products consumers love and buy today. Textiles made with CiCLO® fibers look and feel like traditional synthetics and can be engineered with high-performance characteristics and finishes. Fibers, yarns and fabrics have been fatigue-tested to ensure traits such as tenacity, pilling resistance and wicking are unchanged.

Online searches for “sustainable fashion” tripled between 2016-2019.1

  1. Source: Forbes

The most trusted solution for synthetic microfiber pollution

  • Chemistry used to make CiCLO® fibers is OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT® certified
  • Fibers/Yarns traceable through CiCLO® Certificate of Authenticity program
  • Patented
  • Hangtag program & responsible marketing support

Create a greener standard

Brands can easily implement CiCLO® technology as a sustainable platform for all polyester and nylon by sourcing fiber and yarn from our global network of CiCLO® Certified Manufacturers. CiCLO® fibers may be blended with cotton, wool, spandex or other material. The product applications are endless.

Contact us to connect with CiCLO® Certified Manufacturers that best meet your fiber and yarn requirements.

Testimonial from brand

“At this point in our climate crisis, there’s no reason to create something unless it can be returned back to the earth. CiCLO® has become the foundation of our sustainable ethos and we’re thrilled to show the world just how.

As someone who’s aware of climate change and the impact that commerce has on the planet, it is very clear that making our fabric out of recycled plastic bottles just isn’t enough. Using recycled plastic bottles guarantees a second life, but it is still just trash once it’s useful life expires.

In 2018, I went on the search for something that would take my fabric to the next level and allow Junes Bags to do good for the Earth or, at the minimum, not cause more damage. I was fortunate to attend the Sustainable Fashion Forum in Los Angeles and hear someone speak about CiCLO®. Innately, I knew this was it! It was exactly what I was looking for and I immediately began including CiCLO® technology in all of our fabrics.”

Janean Mann, Owner & Founder at Junes Bags