​​An environmental imperative

Plastic microfiber pollution is a pervasive problem.

Over 60% of today’s textiles are made with synthetic fibers1: from clothing and carpets to pillows and towels, and more. These synthetic fibers, including polyester and nylon, are composed of plastics which, when released into the environment, can remain indefinitely because they are not inherently biodegradable.

​​​Considering that an average household generates approximately 44 pounds of dust a year 13 of which consist of microfibers from synthetic clothing2, carpets and furniture — the environmental impacts to our Earth can be staggering.​​

​​​​​That’s why we were determined to invent a solution that could help mitigate the plastic microfiber pollution problem. That solution is CiCLO® technology.​​​

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  2. Source: Sourcing Journal

A solution that mimics nature

CiCLO® synthetic textiles behave like natural fibers when they end up as pollutants in the environment.

We do this by embedding countless biodegradable spots throughout the matrix of the plastic. These spots act like nutrient sources for microbes that naturally exist in the environment.

That means, when textiles made with CiCLO®-enhanced fibers end up in environments where biodegradation can occur naturally, microbes are attracted to the fibers and can mineralize them at rates comparable to natural fibers, such as wool.

Rigorously tested for safety & efficacy

CiCLO® technology has been proven safe and effective by independent third parties.

​​The chemistry used to make CiCLO® fibers is OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified. This independent certification offers transparent proof that CiCLO® ingredients meet the criteria for ecologically responsible textile manufacturing.

Additionally, biodegradation studies are conducted using internationally recognized respirometry test methods established by The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to measure true mineralization of plastics in various environments.

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