The company

Intrinsic Advanced Materials (IAM) is the company behind CiCLO® technology. IAM is a joint venture formed in 2018 between Intrinsic Textiles Group, a Silicon Valley startup, and Parkdale Advanced Materials, the innovative fibers and yarns division of textiles giant Parkdale, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of spun yarns. Our combined team is made up of superstar scientists, engineers and textile industry veterans who are outdoor enthusiasts and feel passionately about protecting our planet.

CiCLO® team and fellow environmentalists aboard the Alguita Oceanographic Research Vessel (ORV), with Captain Charles Moore, marine conservation researcher, world ocean ambassador and discoverer of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

A mission rooted in reality

Our mission is to reduce the environmental impacts of plastic pollution caused by synthetic textiles. We achieve this by making it easy for textiles manufacturers and brands to access and implement CiCLO® technology all around the world. Ultimately, this allows manufacturers and brands to offer more sustainable products for consumers to love with a clear conscience about the impact those products may have on our earth.

Passionate people behind the product

Andrea Ferris

Co-Founder, California

“CiCLO® fibers were invented from a conviction that ‘built to last’ shouldn’t mean ‘here forever’. Notwithstanding the challenges of commercializing a scientific technology in the convoluted, often misunderstood industry of biodegradable plastics, I’m thrilled to wake every day with the opportunity to make a huge positive impact on our environment.”

Alan McIntosh

Co-Founder, California

“I am so excited to work with a technology that has the potential to change synthetic fabrics forever.”

Cheryl Smyre

Director Advanced Materials, North Carolina

“After 25 years in the textile industry, having the opportunity to make a difference in the environment for future generations through the introduction of CiCLO®, has awakened a greater passion and sense of purpose in my professional life.”

Dr. Sudeep Motupalli Rao

Chief Scientist, California

“Designing materials and products for living systems, designing problems out…that’s what inspires me.”

Robert Usher

Director Technical Fibers, North Carolina

“We’re constantly seeking to develop the next great polymer and fiber innovation. Our R&D never stops.”

Julia Logan

Polymer Chemist, North Carolina

“Working with CiCLO® has allowed me the opportunity to see effective change backed by strong data. CiCLO® has the potential to leave a lasting positive impact on the environment and allow consumers to make conscious purchasing decisions.”

Wayne Beasley

Co-Founder, California

“It’s a blessing to have a technology that will positively impact our environment for many generations.

Alastair Drew

International Business Development, Hong Kong

“I’m motivated by the thought that we’re ending forever with respect to fugitive synthetic fibres that end up in our oceans. It’s been a fascinating journey requiring tenacity, creativity and a great deal of co-operation from numerous industry partners who are driven by the same goal.”

Hector Torres

Business Development and Brand Activation

“My wakeup call was finding out that a single load of laundry can release millions of microplastic fibers into our environment. CiCLO® technology is giving us an opportunity to create more circular textiles that return to nature, allowing us all the chance to walk a little more softly on this earth.”

Preston Bullock

Marketing and Brand Sales

 “With synthetics being used now more than ever, we need a game-changing solution like CiCLO® technology. I am thrilled to be a part of a team that is passionate about making the textile industry more sustainable.”

Madeleine MacGillivray

Communications Specialist, New York

“Studying and communicating about the global microplastics issue has been my passion for the last eight years. CiCLO® is a critical solution and I’m proud to be a part of furthering this mission!”

Armelle Richard

Project & Testing Manager, New Mexico

“We are facing a global environmental crisis. While my individual actions make some small impact, it’s technologies like CiCLO® that will lead to the greatest change. I am encouraged working alongside forward-thinkers.”

Eleanor Gong

Sr. Supply Chain Director, California

“I am proud to be part of the team that can literally make a sea change to our environment. CiCLO® technology offers a sustainable solution to the persistence of microplastic pollution in our world.”