Commit to change

Brands and retailers are seeking sustainable solutions throughout their supply chains. The industry is under increased scrutiny regarding its role in the adverse effects that the production of textiles has on the environment.

CiCLO® fibers and yarns are a simple solution for brands and retailers to proactively take responsibility for and reduce the impacts of potential pollution caused by the products they create and put into the marketplace.

CiCLO® technology features

  • Maintains integrity of original fibers
  • Only activated in conditions where biodegradation can naturally occur
  • Readily available globally
  • Fibers/Yarns traceable

Become a partner

Whether you are a fiber or yarn supplier seeking to become a CiCLO® Certified Manufacturer, a fabric mill or full package producer, contact us to learn how to partner with us to offer CiCLO® technology to your customers. You’ll enjoy partner benefits including sales and marketing support and a hangtag program.

Testimonial from manufacturer

“We can take little steps or huge leaps towards a more sustainable world. Working with CiCLO® allows Freedom Denim and our brand customers to take leaps.” 

Michael Morrel, President & CEO at Freedom Denim