Sourcing Journal
Mills Work to Elevate Denim’s Authentic Look for Spring/Summer 2022
Sourcing Journal
Sourcing Journal Covers Fashiondex’s Fashion and Sustainability Summit
DCK Boardshorts
DCK Launches CiCLO Collection
Sustainability and value
The textile industry turns to biomaterials and biomimetics for green alternatives.
Digital Output
MSYG introduces polyester yarns that biodegrade through CiCLO® technology
CEP Slowing Down Fast Fashion
Billabong LAB Releases Dr. Seuss-Inspired Apparel Collection Featuring Iconic Artwork and Eco-Friendly Materials to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Earth Day
Game Changers: Meet the innovators who are pushing change forward from the lab to landfill
Inside Denim
Premiere Vision 2020
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